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You’re busy enough and you shouldn’t have to worry about any payment processing pain points. Grow your business efficiently with Vector Payments.

Payment Processing


A Little Different

With over 30 years of payment processing experience both in the low and high risk industries, we’ve seen all the frustrations business owners deal with day in and day out just to give their customers the ability to pay with their cards. Everything from confusing rate structures and hidden fees to bait and switch tactics and aggressive salespeople that don’t cater to their customers needs.

We’ll help to solve these issues and personally assist every step of the way!

What We Offer

We’re a top high risk processor for a reason: We offer low risk pricing to high risk merchants!

We have the expertise and resources to support high-risk merchant accounts—without the high-risk price tag.

Seamless Online Payments

Say goodbye to hidden fees and complicated terms. We make payment processing simple and affordable for both the low and high risk industries.

24/7 Dedicated Support

Yes, you’ll receive dedicated support available 7-days a week from our specialists. No more emails or messaging systems that don’t help or take forever to respond!

Compliant Hardware Solutions

We provide brand new terminals for FREE or recommend payments agnostic POS solutions to help streamline your day to day no matter the industry!

Our Experience

Find Your Best Solution Today

After working with a large processor for over 30 years, it became apparent to us that merchants need help finding the best solution for their business. Between all of the deceptive practices by larger organizations and nonexistent customer support.

Successful payments
Positive Reviews

Therefore, we started Vector Payments; to provide transparent rates and fees while working alongside each and every one of you to help you understand this industry and grow your business!

Our Services

Vector Provides the Best POS Solutions

We consider ourselves the Swiss Army Knife of payments where by working with us, you’ll have the one stop shop for all of your payment processing needs

Retail Payments

Virtual Terminals

POS Solutions

E-Commerce Integrations

EMV & NFC Terminals

Wireless/Mobile Terminals

Industries we service

We’ve partnered with every processing bank available to ensure we always have a solution for any business. This way, we help you focus on what you do best while we handle the payments side of things!

Don’t see your business vertical above? Don’t worry one bit, click the button below or give us a call at 888-237-1754 and one of our specialists will further assist you every step of the way.

Our Services


Each business vertical has a certain category when it comes to bank approvals. We help simplify this process to save you time, effort, and money every step of the way

Businesses (Low Risk)

Auto repair shops, Cafes, Doctors offices, Gyms, Restaurants, Smoke or tobacco shops, etc.

Businesses (High Risk)

Cannabis, CBD, Nutraceuticals, Travel, Online guns and ammo, Tribal, Collections, IT support, online pharmacy’s, Payday loans, Online tobacco/Vape/E-Cigs, Financial services, Forex, among others

Easy to Place Businesses (Low Risk)

Low risk businesses are ones that are usually card present (swiped/inserted) with low average sale amounts, minimal chargebacks (disputes), and services that are rendered in 90-days or less.

Hard to Place Businesses (High Risk)

High risk businesses are ones that are usually card not present (E-Commerce) however card present (swiped/inserted) sales may apply as well. What makes a business “high risk” is the specific industry or product sales, high chargeback ratios, and services that are rendered 90-days or later.

Start Accepting Cards With Us Today!

We guarantee our process will be like no other payments company you’ve ever worked with. Contact us today to find out why!

Payment Processing

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What Clients Say

Best Feedback From Clients

We will always help our clients for as long as they need our services as we’d expect that if we were in your shoes.

Sophia Williams


I’ve been using Vector Payments for my business transactions for the past few months and I must say, it has been a great experience. The platform is very user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for me to manage my payments and keep track of my transactions.

Emma Collins


I highly recommend Vector Payments to any business owner who is looking for a payment processing solution that is flexible, secure, and user-friendly. Their fees are also very reasonable, and their platform integrates seamlessly with my existing business tools. Thanks, Vector Payments, for making payment processing hassle-free!

Madison Cooper


I’ve been using Vector Payments for my business transactions for several months now, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed with their services. Their platform is incredibly user-friendly, and the process of setting up an account was seamless. Vector Payments offers a wide range of payment options that cater to the needs of my clients, which has made the payment collection process much more convenient.

Liam Foster


I’ve been using Vector Payments for my business for a few months now and I couldn’t be happier with the service. The platform is incredibly easy to use and the payment processing is lightning-fast, which has made a huge difference in the speed of my business operations. Plus, their customer support team has been fantastic – always friendly and responsive whenever I have a question or concern. Overall, I highly recommend Vector Payments to any business owner in need of a reliable payment processing solution.