Private Jet Payment Processing

Vector Payments provides reliable merchant accounts and payment processing for all your private jet needs and services.


What to Know

If you are not able to accept online payments for your jet charter payments currently, you are no doubt missing your opportunity to book more flights with new customers. When you begin taking credit and debit card payments, it is vital to obtain a charter service merchant account. A business that furnishes charter services with credit card processing can also equip you with a high-risk merchant account that allows you to keep your company up and running without fear of consequences.

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What you Can Sell with a Private Jet Payment Processing Account

With a private jet merchant account, businesses can offer a wide range of services and products related to private aviation. This includes the booking of private jet flights for both business and leisure travel, offering bespoke travel experiences tailored to individual client needs. Additionally, such accounts enable the sale of luxury concierge services, which can include everything from in-flight catering to ground transportation arrangements. Clients can also purchase different membership or subscription services for frequent flyer programs, granting them exclusive benefits and privileges. Your merchant account also facilitates the sale of jet maintenance and management services, ensuring that aircraft owners have access to top-quality upkeep for their private jets. By having a payment processing account in the private jet industry, you not only streamline the purchasing process for high-value transactions but also enhance the overall customer experience in the luxury travel sector.

Payment Processing Challenges in the Private Jet and Charter Industry

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Obtaining a private jet merchant account can present several challenges, primarily due to the nature of the industry and the high-value transactions involved. Here are some of the key challenges:

  1. High-Risk Classification: The private jet industry is often classified as high-risk by financial institutions and payment processors. This is due to factors like the high transaction values, international clientele, and potential for chargebacks. High-risk accounts typically face stricter scrutiny and may have higher fees and more stringent terms.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to strict regulatory requirements is essential. Aviation businesses must comply with various international and local regulations, including those related to safety, privacy, and financial transactions. This compliance burden can be complex and time-consuming.
  3. Fraud and Security Concerns: Due to the high-value transactions, private jet services are a target for fraud. Secure payment processing with advanced fraud detection and prevention measures is crucial. Meeting these security standards (like PCI DSS compliance) can be challenging and resource-intensive.
  4. Chargeback and Refund Issues: The industry is prone to chargebacks due to the high cost of services and the potential for itinerary changes or cancellations. Managing these chargebacks effectively while maintaining customer satisfaction is a delicate balance.
  5. Fluctuating Demand and Market Volatility: The private jet market can be sensitive to economic fluctuations, which can impact transaction volumes and financial stability. This volatility can make financial institutions wary of providing merchant accounts.
  6. International Transactions and Currency Exchange: Dealing with an international clientele means handling multiple currencies and navigating the complexities of cross-border transactions, including currency exchange rates and international payment regulations.
  7. Building Trust with Financial Institutions: Establishing a relationship with a bank or payment processor requires building trust, especially for new or small-scale operators in the private jet sector.
  8. Customized Payment Solutions: The need for customized payment solutions that cater to the unique needs of high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients adds

Why Private Jet Charter Businesses are Considered High Risk

You need a credit card processing outfit that specializes in charter service merchant accounts because they realize the challenges that the industry itself faces. Jet charter industries are categorized as high-risk because of the large amounts per flight that they often process. When you provide private flights to people, you can charge clients anywhere from $17,000 to $100,000 or more per flight. Common payment processors such as Stripe and PayPal will not work with ticket transactions this high for the reasons discussed above. Encountering charges like these will lead to the closing of your account before you know it.
We highly advise finding a high risk credit card processing company to minimize risks with your payment processing ability. Having a merchant account that is high risk, means your business will be able to accept credit card payments without worry of your account being jeopardized.

A few risks involved when furnishing a charter service with a merchant account include:

  • – Processing Amount
  • – Chargebacks

How to Set Up a Private Jet business Merchant Account

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When you run your charter business feeling overwhelmed and stressed shouldn’t even cross your mind, and even more so once you have secured the right jet charter payment gateway required for your merchant account. When you use a merchant account for your charter service, you can accept and process payments from people who want to book flights from any location they desire. Having the right payment processor for your charter service helps to advance and expand your business without any unneeded turbulence!

After making the choice to apply for a merchant account for your charter services, there are going to need to follow a few steps. The information requested from you to process the application for your merchant account will consist of the following:

  • Your Personal Information: Your full name, mailing and/or physical address, phone number, and SSN (Social Security Number) will be required.
  • Your Bank Accounts: You’re going to need to provide your bank account and routing number for your business and personal accounts.
  • Past Statements: In most cases where up to 3 months of bank statements could be requested in order for your application to be processed.
  • Sales Records: When running a charter business that is high risk, you may be asked about the company’s profitability and submit proof.
  • Your Online Presence: Your business’ online presence could be investigated in order to get your merchant account an approval. Make sure your company’s official website and social media presence are up to date before having your application submitted.

Why Vector Stands Out for Private Jet Payment Processing

Vector Payments is the premier choice for Private Jet Industry payment processing merchants operating in high-risk sectors. With a deep understanding of the unique compliance and operational challenges specific to high-risk businesses in the private aviation and jet service areas, Vector Payments offers tailored solutions. These include advanced fraud protection, security measures in line with PCI standards, and a variety of payment options to suit the varied needs of their aviation clients. By collaborating with Vector Payments, jet service providers can smoothly process credit card payments, thereby enhancing their reputation and operational effectiveness.

In the niche area of private jet industry credit card processing, Vector Payments is a standout provider for businesses holding a private jet merchant account, addressing the industry’s unique hurdles.

  • Industry Expertise

    Vector Payments is deeply familiar with the specific challenges and requirements of the private jet travel sector in managing your merchant account. Our experienced team specializes in catering to the payment needs unique to the private jet and aviation support fields. We provide custom solutions to establish a secure payment framework for your business. Our strategic partnerships with industry experts ensures top-tier payment processing for the private jet sector at highly competitive prices, all with no contractual obligations. We proudly service some of the top companies in the country and we’d love the opportunity to support you too!

  • Fraud Detection and Risk Management

    Vector Payments employs robust risk assessment tools and techniques to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. Through vigilant monitoring of transactions, our payment systems aim to protect your private jet business from potential financial losses, ensuring a secure payment environment for both you and your customers.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Vector Payments ensures that your jet payment processing activities comply with relevant laws and industry-specific regulations. We stay updated with regulatory changes and work closely with you to consistently reduce the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.

  • Diverse Payment Options

    Vector Payments supports a wide array of payment methods, from accepting all major debit and credit cards to enabling popular mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. This versatility allows you to offer your clients flexible payment choices, enhancing their convenience and satisfaction.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Vector Payments’ processing partners provide continuous, round-the-clock specialized support to address any payment-related questions or issues you may face. Their responsive customer service ensures quick assistance, allowing you to promptly address any concerns and maintain uninterrupted card payment acceptance from your clients.

Vector Payments for Your Private Jet Payment Processing

Vector Payments was created to help accept businesses that belong to an array of industry types that would be denied by traditional processors normally. Providing credit card processing for high-risk businesses like charter services is what we specialize in. We have the support and framework this industry needs to have the ability to accept online payments via credit cards. Contact Vector Payments to partner with us today.