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With over 30 years of industry experience both in the low and high risk sectors, we’ve seen all the frustrations business owners deal with day in and day out. We understand your pain dealing with everything from confusing rate structures and hidden fees to bait and switch tactics and aggressive salespeople that don’t cater to the customer’s needs.

We formed Vector Payments to help guide our clients through that maze.

Emerging Markets Need Emerging Solutions 

We are working with many of the best payment solution providers in the CBD/Hemp space, including one of the first US-based processors that provides both credit and debit card processing for online CBD / Hemp companies. We are constantly working to provide the best available solutions in the space, so that you can provide your customers with the best possible buying experience.

You’re busy enough handling your day-to-day, let us solve your payment issues.

We’re Industry Insiders Putting Our Knowledge & Experience To Work For You.

Having worked in the payment processing space ourselves, we know what to look for, and partner with only the best and most reliable credit and debit card solutions for your business.

The Benefits Of Working With Payment Processing Industry Veterans

Vector Payments wants to simplify the payments experience and prove to you that accepting cards can be hassle free as long as you work with the right company.  We understand that your business is your lifeline, which is why our goal is to build a longstanding partnership with you no matter how long you need our services.  By signing up with us, you’re joining the Vector family and we’ll be alongside you every step of the way to help grow your business!

Frequently Asked Questions.

We’re always just a phone call away and are more than happy to answer any of your questions, but here are a few questions that we get asked all the time.

Does Vector Have Solutions That Allow Me To Accept Both Credit & Debit Cards?2020-03-14T16:44:01-04:00

Yes! You will be able to accept all major debit and credit cards with our processing solutions.

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Receive My Funds?2018-06-13T07:46:04-04:00

We have multiple processing banks to ensure we place you with the best fitting processor based on your specific needs. With that said, our solutions provide deposits in as few as 2 business days.

Is The Bank Aware My Transactions Are For CBD / Hemp Related Sales?2018-06-13T07:46:41-04:00

Yes! We only work with compliant solutions to help eliminate the hassle of having their accounts shut down (which numerous companies in the CBD industry have had to deal with)*

If I Need Assistance, Is There Someone I Can Call?2018-06-13T07:47:09-04:00

Of course…we offer 24/7 US-based support with all of our solutions. In addition, you will have a direct account specialist here at Vector Payments that will be with you for the life of your account.

Why Am I Having So Much Trouble Getting Approved For A Merchant Account and How Will Vector Payments Help?2018-06-13T07:47:59-04:00

Due to the federal guidelines, major banks and processing companies in the US are hesitant to process for CBD and/or cannabis related businesses as they could risk losing their charter and/or BIN sponsorship. This is why only a handful of banks service the industry for checking accounts (let alone payment processing).

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